Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Here's a new web missive featuring Ray Rizzo. He is one of two Ray Rizzos I have found within 100mi. (That's not him pictured - he shows up after the pit bull.) This Ray is a Crip and raps and lives in Newark. The other Ray is a poet and musician who travels in new age/yoga type circles. I want to have a Ray Rizzo show where we all jam. (Okay, I'm more interested in playing with this Ray). I think we could unleash some universal Mayan-scale what-have-you into the earth's atmosphere. But I'd have to ask that we agree to either check firearms at the door or have a firing range set up somewhere at the venue. Is that lame? I just can't do my Fred Sanford moves with guns on the dance floor.

1 comment:

Ray said...

Yo! This the other Ray. Let's do that. I'll be back NY way this sept, got an album bout to drop. Peace.