Friday, February 12, 2010

Our tour ended Tuesday in snowy Chicago. We played WGN studios, home of Bozo the clown. In his old studio, there were still pieces of the set. Dawn snapped pics of us, pointing out that Bozo seemed to be giving a gang sign in both paintings. Having always wanted to be in Bozo's club, I assumed the position.

Then we played an afternoon news show for WGN. Before we played, a guy named Ralph played with his children's band. Come to find out, this is the same Ralph who stole Opus Ditty's "Folsom Preschool Blues" remake idea for his own version of "Folsom Daycare Blues". I didn't know this at the time of our meeting and proudly showed off the new Opus Ditty album which Kevin had given to me before I left New York. Good thing I didn't have an extra copy to give away or 'ol Ralphy would probably be sitting home this weekend trying to cop all the great music from Let's Go Fishing.

Check our our WGN segment here.

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