Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Great Eye Soaking In Fredonia

Norther of here, and close to borders
The signs are less frequent for drivers, divers
Feeding on bread from after hours
The leftover slam: hand, dough, heat, throw
I got these pink boots for free

New-clear crystals of snow
They claim the countryside
For joggers in pink spandex
Their hats pastel. Detuned guitars
Everything coming in the room is a birthday present
Everyone coming in the room is a birthday present
Happy birthday

Where will you land tomorrow?
Detuned traveler, sight of phoenix spinx, venus
Risen and taken like bread from the cupboard,
And edible roots from the fridge
It will be late in the day and you’ll be long away
Before they’ll recognize what’s missing
If anything

If anything you’re my partner. Not a boy or a girl.
You’re my happy birthday
The best I got

Now in the crest of the approach
On what was the forbidden trail
North from northers a pace so funky your eyes blink in cartoon frames
If a child is the best we can do, we can do anything
But if a child is best
If only a child
I may be lost
Upon the crest

Christ is
my sis-
like this?
Miss her
Cries this
light chest,

Hold my hand when I’m crossing the street
Hold my hand we’re crossing the street

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