Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Terrible document
What do you mean?

I push against you like another dimension
And harden from the friction
There is no satisfaction
a more elegant hunger
is all

(Carriers upon the rock
Are named Carrie or
Something after birds)

We are not all thieves, we are not all liars
We might put back everything we take
We may abandon, but we do not forsake
(Words of John, Joni and Willy the Shake)

Nothing has changed upon this rock
All the words seek recognize
What is passing - designs of

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Brooklyn Babzien said...

Ok so I heard this version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by this Hawaian guy Israel Kamikawiwo'ole and he never finishes any part of the song in any verse, but it's endearing and it capsures your heart none-the-less. You can find it on itunes.

You know who I am, Ray. We blew bubbles on your front porch one beautiful spring day. Man that was a long time ago.

You sound frustrated in this posting.
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