Sunday, November 15, 2009

DL&Hounds Tour Day 7, pt. 2 (or Day 8?)

Amazing what a few hours of sleep and some nice wallpaper can do. I woke up looking at this bird on my wall with "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" playing over and over in my head. It wasn't Brenda Lee's version I was hearing, but the rendition that we played last night for Spanish Television. We had a fine fine time singing and shaking some jingle bells while Dawn sang and Josh and I "Ooohh"d and "Ahhh"d. We did it just before we played our set at Clamores Club. My electronic fiasco during the show made it easy to forget the earlier high point, but now things are a bit more in balance. Know what else was great last night? The tapas meal we were served after the show. Water, wine, gazpacho, veggies and tortilla. Coffee, too, which Dawn decided this morning was not such a good idea so late at night.

...oh, Wow. Dawn just got a song sent to her from her friend Joan. A few years ago, Dawn wrote a song about Joan, singing about how she wanted to be Joan. Joan's brother created a techno-trash-electro-crash song called, "Don't Envy Me Dawn". Hard to dance to, but it's distorted nastiness mixes naturally with the X-mas tree rocking in my head. Oh wait....is this a hangover I'm starting to feel?

Off to have breakfast and then play a radio station before driving to tonight's show in Castellon.

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