Monday, November 16, 2009

When we arrived in Madrid on Saturday Jorge was there to greet us. (He's the one on the left greeting Josh.) We met Jorge last September when we toured with Elvis Perkins in Dearland. Jorge was driving EPnDL around Spain and playing bass with them on a song called "Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll." At the time Simon (our UK tour manager of late) pointed out that next time we came to Spain, we should call Jorge and not waste Simon's time with our pithy Spanish excursions. (Kidding, Simon! Ahhhh! Get fucked! HAh! )

Okay but seriously, Simon's advice was taken and we have been looking forward to seeing Jorge this week. Jorge's been looking forward to seeing us, too. And he says he's glad for the work. Ain't we all.

Jorge made music to a film he made of his girlfriend underwater. He's made others filmsongs, too, and he has a show coming up. (He's passing out cards about it but I don't have one yet so I can't tell you more.) Jorge can play many instruments and will sit in with us this week on Kids In A Play and maybe anything else we can rope him into. He is a gentleman and a good driver. And Bonus: Jorge knows how to ask for toast and coffee with milk in Spanish. He's good at ordering lots of food and drink, actually.

D L and the Hounds are loving every meal in Espania. Dawn says Spain is giving France a run for it's money food-wise. Today Jesus and Coche treated us to a great lunch in Madrid. Tonight the promoter in Castellon took us out for another amazing meal. In each city, warm hands wagged forks across the table for little bites of joy. Both meals ended with yellow Herbal Liquor I can't spell properly, especially after drinking it.

Which makes for a funny segue to another event of the day.

My bag with all my clothing was left in Madrid. When we had come back from lunch to collect our bags and leave, the hotel attendant had given me cause to think it had already been taken from the storage room and put in the van by one of my party. Argh. I should have double checked.

When I told this to Jorge he smiled and said, "Okay, so I'm going to watch you." Yes, Jorge. Watch me so I don't leave anything else behind. I might start losing track of band members or what's left of my sanity. Keep singing "Where Is My Mind" to me Jorge. I'll keep smiling. Watch me and please help me get toast and coffee. I need help, Jorge. And I'm not too proud to admit it.


The only shirt I have right now is the one on my back from last night. It still says, "Very Modern, Very Italian, & Very Good."


María Cucurella Miquel said...
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María Cucurella Miquel said...

Hey guys! That's Maria listening to Sweet Heart Rodeo. After I left you guys in the middle of Plaza Cataluña, cleaned up my appartment and listened to a lesson on Modern Myths in the University I took "The door of the Angel" street and walk all over the city… Romeo, romeo…
Thank's a lot for the cd's you gave me. THAT is a gift!!
Do you guys know Rainer Maria Rilke the german poet? He says: "But the angel is just the terrible beginnig. Every angel is terrible" I just love angels, man.
I am at this moment organising a trip to New York at the beginning of december. A friend of mine who teaches in the University of Queens just told me a couple of months ago that she wants me to visit her soon. I haven't seen her in ten years! There is also a gut friend of mine that I met in Germany living in Boston, Maria. I just have to be here on the 17th december to read my small thesis. Than I'll be completely free from academical schedules. But my teacher told me I should go to New York first, so I think I'll just obey. Let me hear from you, guys! Good luck!!

(sorry, I don't know how this thing works and I just erased my comment!)