Monday, January 21, 2008

Day One

Our first drive of tour is ridiculous. 24 hours from New York City to Fort Lauderdale. We don't leave Dumbo until 7. Before we depart, Travis and I get take out from Rice on Washington Street. The blonde woman who runs the place recognizes Travis and said she loved the first Days Of The New album. "Me and my boyfriend would be all [makes universal sign for smoking weed] and listen to that album over and over." The bathrooms at Rice have mirrors placed so humans of both sexes can see their genitalia and urine streams when they use the toilet. The food is awesome, too.

As the van gets on the BQE, Travis admits that he was paranoid that we were talking about him when he didn't help us load the drum cases. (We weren't). He emphasizes that to get through this tour we will have to be very "open minded" and talk a lot so we can understand each other - him especially - and get along on this trip. "Open minded" is a favorite phrase of his. It's a good one.

We watch "Limony Snicket's Series Of Unfortunate Events" on Travis' laptop. "The colors are amazing," Travis says. Children without parents have bad things happen to them and Jim Carey mugs. Afterwards I watch "The Departed." I love the line when Nicholson's character quotes John Lennon: "I'm not a musician an artist. Give me a (vacuum?) and I'll make something out of it." (Did I even get that partially right?) Around 3 a.m. we stop at an Econo Lodge south of Richmond Virginia.

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