Monday, January 21, 2008

Season In Flux, Acid Reflux, Travis Redux

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Season In Flux, Acid Reflux, Travis Redux

I walk through the Fall air lit up from the inside. Some of this is emotions, some of it is acid reflux burning my throat. Traci has managed to tell me in the past that life could feel like this, but for most of the first part of 2006, I was too scared to see it. Thank God for her and her eyes.

One month ago I returned from the UK with Less the band and I had no idea where my next job would come from. Not a week later, calls started to come. In the past month I

1) Played drums for two musicals
2) Played children's music
3) Ran lights, sound and video for Laura Poe's One Person Show "Mothers OF Invention"
4) Played with Oxygen Ponies, Opus Ditty, Lucas and Kevin, The Reverend Vince Anderson, and the coolest wedding band that included Steve Salett (formerly of King Of France) and Jamie Krentz (formerly of French Kicks, bassist on their totally ill "Young Lawyer" recording). It also included Sara and Kenny who rock.

Music has taken me out of the city two weeks in a row to see the Fall colors. Bonus. First it was Edensong rehearsal up in Long Island, in a house somewhere on the sound. Then the wedding, which was in the Catskills.

Last week, my friend Travis came to town. He and I played together for four years in Days of The New and off and on over the last 3 years. We have loosely kept in touch while he and I have travelled to places where we've needed to go in order to remain close to the source. All week, the act of working up some of Travis' music has served to help us learn where we are and what we have retained from our previous time together. Travis joked that it's kind of like a boyfriend and girlfriend working out their manners after years apart but I think its better than that. We are forcing ourselves to confront how well we know one another. I think most anyone would laugh at how detailed our explanations are ("what I mean when we say such-and such is...") but that is the real work that helps identify the new language. Neither of us is sure yet what we're supposed to do with what we're discovering, but that stuff will work itself out. What pleases me most is that we have managed through illness, distance, addiction, and frustration to still see each other in the light of friendship. I'm very happy about that. And when I think of this, I think of Nathan. In a way I really can't put into words, I think he really did something for Travis and I that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

I also think of Dawn who yesterday told me that she just wanted to play music with people who knew her when she was seventeen. I know exactly what she meant. Being around people who realize the power of creating stable environments in which to be mad is the thing I am most grateful for this week.

And again, I thank my lucky nose hairs for Traci, who knows me best of all.

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