Monday, January 21, 2008

Virginia to Allentown (Day Off)

At some point during the drive to Allentown, Malcolm wakes and takes off his ear buds. "Dude, have you watched The Showdown?"

"Just heard them though the wall in the band room," I say. I've meant to watch them every night and haven't made it yet.

"It's really weird, Malcolm says. "They play intense guitar rock but they really remind me of Warrant." Malcolm pauses. "And I don't know if that's a good thing."

From the looks of how well Showdown are getting on, I'd say whatever they are doing works. I mean, what the fuck do any of us know? I didn't listen to radio rock bands back when I first joined Days OF The New – I certainly don't know what's happening now. (I'll save navel-gazing about the state of rock for later.)

All I do know about The Showdown is that we haven't really hung with the guys yet. We are kind of keeping to ourselves (read: anti-social dweebs) and The Showdown seem to be pretty mellow dudes. My only exchange with one of the guitarists went like this:

Guitarist: "You want a Monster ™?"

Me: "No thanks, man."

Guitarist: "Let me know. This guy from the company came by the other night and gave us an endorsement. We have a case of them."

Me: "Awesome."

Guitarist: "You should talk to them. They might hook you up, too."

Me: "Thanks."

I vow to watch Showdown in Allentown tomorrow.

Its raining when we arrive in Allentown and everyone except Malcolm goes to the Mall. In the van Travis gets a call from a friend who wants to join us for a few days on the road. He asks if he can call her back so he can discuss with us. So soon in the tour we are still very cautious about messing with our van vibe. Being the wise master of group dynamics that I am, I suggest to Travis that if the young lady joins us, she must put it in the Dewey. This is a deft double-team of a comment that references a very inside band joke (too deep for My Space readers) while also easing the seriousness of the matter, which allows our decision making to end quickly, simply, and along a train of thought that we can all relate to. Travis nods and calls her back.

"You have to sleep with the band," he says.

"Okay," she says.

"I mean the whole band," Travis says.

There is a pause on the other end of the phone.

"Well how many are there?" she replies.

"There's me, Phil, Ray, Malcolm, and Jason Fresta," Travis answers.

"Okay,' she says.

"Really," says Travis.

"Is that so strange," she asks.

Guess not.

Later that night, Phil, Fresta and I head back out looking for food. A few bat hits and "Dark Side Of The Moon" on the stereo and we are lost in Allentown. But the night is golden and GPS is a great traveling companion. We find Jellybean's Southside Jam where we get dinner and film some of our "On The Road" documentary. Then Fresta and I do some balls-out Karaoke.

Set List
Wish You Were Here (me)
Blaze Of Glory (Fresta)

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