Monday, January 21, 2008

I read the news today, oh, boy.

Last week there was a disaster at Ground Zero. A demolition company had been hired to destroy the Deutsche bank Building at the World Trade Center and things went badly. Fire and death of two firefighters.

The demolition company had been hired by the city after many other demolition companies had been passed on because they did not have enough integrity or reputation to do the job. But now, as the tragegy is being investigated by - who else? The Department of Investigation - we are learning that NO ONE knows anything about the demolition company or the corporation that runs it. The apparent head of the company had to be located by searching city records (didn't anyone have his card?) and then said that his contract for the job prohibited him from talking to the media.

It is not uncommon for a corporation to be created in order for a smaller company in order to avoid liabilities associated with dangerous jobs like demolishing buildings at ground zero, BUT - did I already say this? - no one has ever heard of the company that was hired to do the "monumentous" job.

No doubt, the people on my street who continue to watch the fallout results of 9-11 with an eye on cover-up have just been handed a plump fish to fry.

...but so have readers of Ayn Rand.

...the Mystery Corporation's name is JOHN GALT.

And no one seems to know where he is.

So beginning with todays headlines, everyone in New York - from the workers with conscience to the homeless asking for your quarter - could ask, "Who is John Galt?". Just like page one of Atlas Shrugged, a book that describes the "machine" of man's society. A head trip to say the least. But to my mind, there are no accidents.

Atlas Shrugged is a book I never finished, so I'm gonna go back and read the second half and see what happens.

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